We AR all 

In our world, art has never been static, but constantly evolving. "We AR all ARTS & LIGHTS" is much more than an artistic experience. 
It's an invitation to see the world from a new angle, to experience an adventure where technology and creativity combine to create magic.

Contac​​​​t us

Bringing the AR(T) into the reality of our public spaces 

Encouraging the installation of technological artworks in public spaces to make art more accessible and increase the inclusion of all audiences. 

LYON of AR(T) & LIGHTS - 8TH Project


Augmented reality creates an artistic experience that harmoniously blends art, imagination, light and nature, while reminding visitors of the importance of taking care of their environment..

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LYON of AR(T) & LIGHTS - Catherine Mentior


These AR canvases are an interconnection of vibrant colors and fluid shapes that seem to dance across the canvas. It's an emotional experience, a way of transcending reality and reconnecting with our inner selves.

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LYON of AR(T) & LIGHTS - Marjan Moghaddam


Each work pushes the boundaries of art and offers a new perspective:
An exclusive experience to share in Lyon during the Festival of Lights and beyond.

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AR(T) for all, at the Parc de la Tête d'Or

The LYON d'AR(T) et de Lumières allows artists, collectors, galleries
and art lovers to play & communicate together with ART and new technologies.



LYON of AR(T) & LIGHTS - Studio Clavicule Pics

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OVER The Reality

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